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Program and compete virtually 

Program your robot and compete for prizes in our Sumo-Bot fighting competition 
Submission Deadline 10/11/20 // Competition Event 11/11/20
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What is sumo-bot fighting?

Small robots competing to push the other robot out of the ring.
First one to fall out loses. 
Robots can be either Remote-Controlled (RC) or fully Autonomous.
We will be using a virtual platform to see who can code the best autonomous sumo-bot.

How to get involved

All of this is possible thanks to our sponsors
Simply head to and Register to start designing your own sumo-bot. has provided you with all the tutorials you need to get started. 
You can program in 3 languages: 
Blocks, Javascript or Python!
Simply simulate and test your robot out then submit your entry via the link below.
You may resubmit your designs as many times as you like before the deadline.  
Submissions deadline - Midnight on the 10/11/20
Tournament Prizes
1st place - RPi Zero W kit
2nd place - Teensy 3.2
3rd place F303K8

The rules?

1. First one to fall out loses.
2. Tournament will be run as a double elimination.
3. If a round lasts more than 60 seconds, we’ll call it a draw.
4. If there is a tie, the person with the lowest average time over all the rounds they have done so far will win.
5. Civilised bot names only, no profanities, or vulgarities.
Find the full set of rules below