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B:RAI // 2020

Brunel: Robotics & AI Expo

 > 26 November 2020

> 10:00 - 18:00

> Online Virtual Event  



Welcome to B:RAI // 2020, proudly brought to you by the Brunel Robotic Engineering Society (BRES) in collaboration with the Brunel Digital Hub.
This event will bring together technology companies, university students, researchers and industry professionals to share the very latest in Robotics and AI.  
We invite you to join us experience the very best in Robotics and AI to see what they are achieving today. 
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Ben Scott-Robinson

CEO & Co-Founder Small Robot Company

An accomplished digital entrepreneur focused on geospatial and mobility technologies. 

Ben co-founded the Small Robot Company in 2017 which endeavours to replace tractors with accurate, smart, lightweight robots. 


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Ben Meunier 

BRES Chairman

A final year PhD student studying 5G networks for localisation within VR applications, as part of the Internet of Radio Light (IoRL) EU project. 

Ben founded and has chaired BRES since 2017 leading to the Vice Chancellors Award for contributions to Brunel University London and CEDPS Society of the Year.

As a STEM Ambassador and the Brunel Hult Prize Head of Project Management, Ben is always keen to share his passions.

Matthew Watson head shot - Matthew T Wat

Dr Matthew T. Watson

Opteran Technologies

A senior research engineer, helping to advance and bring to market Opteran's natural intelligence technologies. His research interests include autonomous mobile robot and UAV trajectory planning and control, novel dynamically stable robot locomotion systems, and novel approaches to robot perception.

Flemming 30th Cake-01 - Flemming Christe

Flemming Christensen 

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd

Sundance Multiprocessing Technology Ltd was founded by Flemming Christensen in 1989 with the focus on design, manufacturing, and testing of electronics embedded modules. We are now using a Xilinx Zynq Multicore technology that allowed development of lower-power Edge-AI

Ben Wagenaar

 Heathrow Airport Limited 

Part of the Innovation and Automation team within Heathrow IT, researching new and emerging technology to help solve business challenges around the airport. My role is about demonstrating the art of the possible, partnering support from our largest suppliers to new startups, devising and developing prototype solutions for our challenges

Sachin Patel


Following his training in Product Design at Loughborough University, Sachin developed a career in Additive Manufacturing working with a multitude of AM technologies across a variety of industries. With over 7 years’ experience in 3D Printing, Sachin provides CREAT3D clients with Applications Engineering advice, assistance with how to get the best out of the tech as well as Generative Design and DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing).


Dr. Tatiana Kalganova

Brunel Institute of Digital Futures

Dr Tatiana Kalganova (BUL: PI:TK) BSc (Hons), PhD, is a Reader in Intelligent Systems, Director of the Centre for AI: Social and Digital Innovation and ECE Postgraduate Research Director in ECE at Brunel. She has over 20 years of experience in design and implementation of applied Intelligent Systems.  Inventor of 6 patented technologies,  She serves on the editorial board for several journals, including Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines and member of EPSRC Full College

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Ed Schroeder

BRES Vice-Chairman

Aerospace Engineering graduate and final year PhD candiate in Fluid Mechanics. STEM Ambassador and memeber of BRES since 2018. Currently active in consulting the largest privately developed commercial space launch provider in Europe.

Jonathan Reader


Jonny Reader is a Design Engineer who is researching and developing the technology and systems used in sustainable urban agricultural equipment at V-Farm.  He has a keen desire to increase agricultural dependability whilst simultaneously reducing its ecological impact and sees V-Farm playing an integral role in this mission.

ProfilePicture-Jul2020 - Radhika Gudipat

Dr Radhika Gudipati

The Shadow Robot Company Ltd

Radhika has been in the world of Robotics, AI and DeepTech for the last 10 years in various roles as research consultant, subject matter expert, innovation lead, etc. 

Radhika is currently working as business development manager at shadow robot company that designs and builds dexterous robotic systems. Actively involved in the euRobotics community in steering the robotics roadmap, STEM ambassador and mentor for young entrepreneurs.

Mohammad Taher 

Heathrow Airport Limited

Having recently Graduated as an aerospace engineer from Brunel, I was determined to get my teeth stuck into the most complex problems to solve in the aviation industry. My graduate programme at Heathrow has given me the opportunity to do exactly that! From the Runway lights, to the baggage system, I've had the opportunity to solve real problems that have a direct impact on our customer journey. 

Simon Chandler


Inspired by advances in Additive, Simon formed CREAT3D, a solutions provider for Additive Manufacturing. Having worked with forward-thinking companies from industries as diverse as Automotive, Defence and Engineering to FMCG, Technology and Architecture, Simon is a firm believer that the UK should be a manufacturing powerhouse and a global innovator. In times of change, challenge and innovation, Additive Manufacturing Technology can be revolutionary in providing competitive advantage, decreasing costs and enhancing performance. 



10:00 - 10:15 //

Event Start // 


11:00 - 11:40


Talk Title: Additive Manufacturing in Robotics

Abstract: Insight into how Industry is adopting Additive Manufacturing technologies to optimise robotics, automation and processes.

12:30 - 13:10

Lunchtime Intermission //

14:00 - 14:40

Heathrow Airport Ltd //

Talk Title: Automated Airports; How robotics and automation is shaping the future of air travel

Abstract: how Heathrow is using automated robots in the fight against Covid -19. As well as an insight into how automation is helping make sure your luggage arrives to your destination, meaning you aren't ever left stranded without your bags abroad.

15:30 - 16:10

To be Confirmed //

Talk Title:

17:00 - 17:40

Brunel & BRES //

Talk Title: Robotics and AI at Brunel 

Abstract: Discover how both Students and Academics are applying robotics and AI in numerous projects throughout Brunel University London. From training students to develop PCBs to using AI to read emotions.   

10:15 - 10:55 //

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology //

Talk Title: Xilinx Zynq MPSoC for Precision Robotics and Edge-AI 

Abstract: Sundance’s VCS solutions include highly efficient and low power consumption embedded components optimised for running deep learning algorithms used for performing autonomous navigation and for other general computer vision applications. The VCS runs ROS2.0 and enables ‘cloud-less’ Edge-AI

11:45 - 12:25

V-Farm //

Talk Title: Food for Thought

Abstract: The future of food security in the midst of a changing climate and an uncertain economy. We delve into the UK food market and how we can tackle topics like Brexit, unsustainable production, and changing societal mindsets with exciting new technologies and agricultural practices.

13:15 - 13:55

The Shadow Robotic Company Ltd //

Talk Title: Why is tactile sensing for touch important in robotics? 

Abstract: Equipping robots with sensory modalities is a popular research area – Vision being the popular, next comes sense of touch or haptics followed by sense of smell and so on. This talk will take the audience through the story of Shadow's Telerobot and how can the Telerobot that can transmit the sense of touch be helpful in industrial applications

14:45 - 15:25

The Small Robot Company //

Talk Title: a history of Tom from concept to the latest third generation robot

Abstract: Multisensory Farmbots: turning data into action with weed-electrocution and slug elimination. Meet Small Robot Company's multisensory monitoring robot Tom - now delivering a robotic Per Plant Farming service. Tom is now on farms gathering a variety of data - including vision, sensors and geolocation - with sound and soil probes soon to follow. Find out how SRC designed the concept and developed this from concept to prototype. Learn more about the thinking behind the current commercial product - and meet the latest generation

16:15 - 16:55

Opteran //

Talk Title: Autonomy & Natural Intelligence

Abstract: Autonomy solutions face the triple barriers of robustness, scalability, and efficiency: Opteran Technologies has reverse engineered the insect brain to embed nature's solution to these problems into deployable silicon devices. In this presentation I will explain how our approach to autonomy differs from the existing state of the art, and how this can help the world to build better robots.


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